Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you provide?

- Integrated Health Analysis
- Pathogen Detection
- Toxicology
- Musculoskeletal Deformity Analysis
- Diet Analysis
- Clinical Pathology
- Smoltification Analysis
- Reproductive Analysis
- Research and Development

What is digital pathology?

Digital pathology involves creating, observing, sharing, analysing and interpreting digital images of histological slides. This requires a scanner incorporating a microscope and a digital camera, as well as computers, software to create, manage and view the image files, and a server.

What is a histochemical study?

A complementary laboratory technique which, by means of chemical reactions, allows the identification, localisation and distribution of tissue and cellular components in a histological and/or cytological section, by means of a coloured end product.

What is an immunohistochemical study?

A complementary laboratory technique to demonstrate a variety of antigens present in cells or tissues using chromogen labelled antibodies visualised under light microscopy.

Do you conduct other specialised studies?

Yes, VeHiCe has a multidisciplinary team of experts ready to develop analyses and services (consultancy, technical meetings and applied research) depending on the client's needs.

Apart from studies, what other services does VeHiCe provide?

At VeHiCe we take samples, deliver sampling materials, receive samples from Chile and abroad, provide advice throughout the study process and offer long-term follow-up of the cases sent to us by our clients.

How to apply for services?

To request our services you can contact us by:
Phone or Whatsapp: + 56 65 2710 232 / +56 9 39107937
Email: info@vehice.com / marcelo.vera@vehice.com
Visit our office: Libertad 590, Población Egaña, Puerto Montt, Chile
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 20:00 / Saturday: 9:00 - 14:00

Turnover Data

Company name: Veterinary Histopathology Center Spa.
RUT: 76.431.675-4
Address: Libertad 590, Población Egaña, Puerto Montt, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.
Postal Code: 5507363
Telephone: 56 65 271 0232 - 56 9 84140421
Contact: Gabriela Vera Gaedicke
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