New state-of-the-art aquaculture imaging laboratory

Veterinary Histopathology Center (VeHiCe) is a company formed by professionals with extensive experience in different areas of animal pathology, especially in the aquaculture industry. It is also the first multi-species veterinary histopathology centre and its mission is to provide timely and accurate diagnostic services to various pathological conditions, in order to assess the health status of productive stocks, diagnosing diseases and recommending corrective measures based on health indicators .

VeHiCe in its quest to provide comprehensive solutions to customer needs, has created an area specialised in the analysis of alterations in the development of skeletal tissues with the aim of anticipating problems that can cause high impact to the industry. The specialists in this area are continuously improving their knowledge through training and advice from Ghent University professor Dr. P. Eckhard Witten, a researcher with extensive experience in skeletal deformations. 


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